Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Crafts

The Monday before Christmas I watched my friends three kids, as well as my own, all day. I decided to have a few things planned....hoping that would make the day go smoother. One thing I planned was to make a reindeer out of tracing the kids hands and feet. I found the idea on a kids craft website. The kids loved it! Since then, Brenna has asked every other day if she can do a craft. So below are a few we did the week of Christmas. She needs help cutting, but loves to decorate and glue things. In case you are wondering, the day went well and it helped to have a few things planned.....but it reassured me that I don't want five kids! :)


HLC said...

The boys loved their reindeer as well. Thanks again for keeping them, I know they had a great time!

Philly said...

Fun to catch up on reading your blog! the girls are looking so big! i like the three gift idea for sure. this year i got alyas three games and a puzzle...he had no idea what they even were when he took them out of the box. very, B took him to target and he got woody and buz light year toys, which he loves! so funny! we'll need to get together next time i'm in ames!