Monday, June 6, 2011

Can you help us reach our goal?

Gospelink is an organization that was introduced to Jared in college. They link up people like you and I to financially support & sponsor national pastors in Africa who share the gospel, disciple and plant churches among their own people groups. There are currently 1,200 preachers being assisted through this organization. Jared and I have had the privilege to help a couple pastors through this ministry. We really believe in their mission and have seen God work through them...not with our own eyes, but through their qaurterly reports! Ha! :)

So why am I blogging about this??? A sponsorship program for the pastors already exists, but additional funds are needed to operate the mission. They asked us to help raise $200 each year to help maintain the general operations of the mission. We have given the first $20.00. I am looking for a few friends to join me. Can you help us reach our goal by giving $10, $15 or more? If so, click on the link below. It's quick and easy. Also, every dollar you give will be matched times three by other donors. What an awesome investment! :) Thanks for your consideration!