Friday, May 22, 2009

Zoo Time!

Brenna and I spent the day at the Omaha zoo with Maranda (my sister-in-law) and Marlee (my new little neice) on Thursday. The weather was beautiful and we had a blast. Maranda is on maternity leave from teaching 5th grade, but she was asked to come for the end of the year 5th grade trip to the zoo. So she asked if we wanted to join her. Brenna loved seeing all the animals and all the activity of the day. The first animal we came across was the giraffe. When she first saw it, she said "wow". I think she was surprised at how big it actually was. The giraffe was stretching it's neck up real high to get some leaves, so she reached her hands up real high imitating it.

She liked watching the flamingos too. I was a little nervous she would get her hand bit, because they came real close to Brenna at the fence. Thankfully she didn't.
She really liked the monkeys too. I can't believe how close the monkeys get to the window and then they just stare at you. It kind of freaked me out....Brenna didn't seem to mind at all...she just waved at them :)

We got to see lots of other animals before lunch....bears, tigers, peacocks, snakes, etc. We ate our sack lunch and then headed to the aquarium.

We decided to head home after the aquarium....we were all getting tired. Brenna only lasted about five minutes and then conked out in her car seat.

Thanks for letting us join you at the zoo, Maranda!!! We had a great time!


Pepper Blossom said...

so so cute! everytime i see her i can't get over how much she looks like jared when he was little. he would make the same faces that she does. with her mouth alittle bit is just so wild and it really takes me back to when he was little. yes i do remember him being little. miss you guys! would have been so much fun to have a spontaneous visit from you.... soon though i hope.

Philly said...

You were in Omaha....ah you should have called me! I have Thursdays off...oh, well. So glad you enjoyed the zoo!

Janel said...

GREAT pictures!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to go to the zoo too!

Lynette said...

Sweet pictures. Looks like a great zoo!