Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend with the Bohlens

My parents were spontaneous this weekend. They called me on Friday night to see what we had planned this weekend. Since we didn't have much going on they packed up, picked up my grandma and headed to Ames that night. We had a great time! Saturday morning we went to some garage sales and then came back and helped my grandma make her famous cinnamon rolls and apple pie. We relaxed most of the afternoon and then went to an open house that Jared was of Chris Gardner's amazing Bella Homes. Check it out: It even has a hidden poker room in the basement! We grilled out when we got home and then watched a movie. Today we went to church and then Hickory Park for lunch. It was a fun weekend. Thanks for coming to visit, mom & dad!!!

Brenna is a sporting an ISU hat my parents found at a garage sale in Burlington. Doesn't she look old in it?

My mom brought Brenna a babydoll with a bottle. Brenna loved feeding her all weekend. My mom taught her how to burp the baby too. It was pretty cute. This is another garage sale deal my mom found....5 cents!

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Lynette said...

you guys can always find the best deals! sounds like a great weekend.