Monday, November 3, 2008

Look mom, I can stand up on my own!

Can you tell we're proud parents? :) It's been so fun to watch Brenna learn new things...which seems to be a lot lately. When we ask her where the light is, she looks up. I signed the word "please" a few times last week and now she's doing it regularly....she's still struggling to sign "more". She can point to her head, ears, eyes and mouth when we ask her. And the best is today she stood up on her own in the middle of the room! Yeah Brenna!


Matt, Lydia, Micah and Beatrix said...

hip hip hooray for brenna!!! what a wonderful milestone! we had fun watching her stand....walking is not far away. quick put up all of your valuables. :) love, lydia, grandma, micah and beatrix who all cheered with joy when we watched brenna

Philly said...

how much fun is that! it makes me so excited too! i can tell she was so proud of herself by that big grin she had. watching them change and learn never grows old huh? alyas just began sitting on his own in the last week or two!

Lynette said...

yeah! brad and i had fun watching her on video, so cute! it was fun to hear your and jared's excitement as well as the pleased smile on her face! more fun times ahead!