Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Brenna's 1st Swimming Lesson

Brenna had her first swim lesson yesterday. It was more like a playtime in the pool with a bunch of other babies and their parents.....I'm not exactly sure what they will teach a 9 month old :) Either way, it was a lot of fun and Brenna did great. She even let me hold her on her belly in the water (see picture below). I think she enjoyed watching the people more than swimming. Brenna's friend Audrey is in the swimming class as well (Tim & Christy McCollough's daughter), which is fun. We have the lessons two times a week for the month of July. I'll write another post when we are done with the lessons and share all the things Brenna learned. :)

Thank you Christy for taking the pictures!


Mandi said...

Totally fun! I think it's awesome (and important) to get your child used to the water early on. She's a babydoll, she looks like such a big girl sitting up in her swimsuit :-)

Hollie said...

What cutie in her little swimsuit! Glad to hear swimming lessons went well. I keep thinking I need to sign Gabe up he LOVES the water.