Sunday, July 13, 2008

Brenna is Crawling!

Brenna turns 9 months on Wednesday and she is getting very mobile!!! About two weeks ago she started to go from the "laying down belly position" to sitting up on her own. A couple times this week when I got her up from her nap, she was standing in her crib with a big smile on her face. And to top off the week, she started crawling. She hasn't perfected it yet, but she's getting close. It's amazing what babies learn in such a short amount of time. Our baby girl is growing up so fast!!! We are trying to enjoy every minute of it.

Below is a video of her crawling and a few other cute pictures.

Brenna in a jumper. She loves it!


Matt, Lydia and Micah said...

so cute! my mobile niece...where does the time go? :)

Mandi said...

Go Brenna!! And boy is she CUTE when she does it too!! What a smartie :-) That last picture is SO stinkin' gorgeous!

Hollie said...

Yay Brenna! I knew she was getting so close! I forgot to tell you when we were working nursery Saturday night I held Brenna quite a bit but when I did put her on the floor to play Ty crawled as quick as his little hands and knees would carry him to give her a kiss, guess he just likes Brenna:)(there were other babies in there the whole time and he never kissed any of them)

Philly said...

So fun to see her crawling!!! Such a big girl!