Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Brenna's First Solid Food

We've come to a pretty huge milestone in the growth and development of our 4.5 month old...SOLID FOOD! Let the games begin. So apparently, you buy these rice flakes, mix them up with some of mom's milk, and watch your infant lap it all up like a dog and that's their introduction to solid food. Pretty funny stuff. It seemed like she enjoyed the food for the most part. The majority of it ended up in the convenient plastic pouch on the front of her bib. I guess so you can spoon it out of there and back into her mouth...we didn't do that by the way. From here it's on to a bunch of messy clothes, sticky floors, and crusty dried stuff on the walls. Can't wait! Enjoy the video on dropshots.

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Unknown said...

Gross, teach that girl some manners!