Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Charlie, Mr. Brown the Fox, Officer #1...let me explain

Many of you remember that I was Charlie in our church's Christmas production this year. Some of you know that I have shown up one time so far on stage at our church's family ministry (D6) as a James Brown impersonating fox named Mr. Brown the Fox along with the other Nursery Rhyme Woodland Creatures, and in a few weeks will make another appearance. Not many of you know that I will be acting in our church's Easter drama entitled "Captive" in a small but less than insignificant part as Officer #1. It takes place in a POW camp in the jungle...going to be pretty intense. I want to invite all of you to join us at one of the 5 services this coming Easter weekend to watch the drama and witness me in a full military uniform. I need to practice my salute. Go to the following link to get more information about the services and come to church so you can pick up your free tickets to one of the services.


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