Monday, June 29, 2009

Florida Fun!

We made a spontaneous trip to West Palm Beach, FL last week to visit Jared's sister, Lydia, and her family. We had an awesome time! The highlights were going to the beach four different times, snorkeling, eating Lydia's yummy meals, watching movies, shopping, and just hanging out and spending time together. We had a lot of laughs and good times while we were there. We also got to meet our niece, Bea (8mo.), for the first time. She is such a precious little girl and Brenna absolutely loved her. Every time she saw her, she would go up to her and say, "Hi baby Bea!" usually followed by a kiss on the head or a hug.

Brenna also had fun playing with her cousin Micah (4yrs). They would chase each other around and think it was the funniest thing. They also liked to hold hands while they were sitting in their car seats. It was super cute!

Brenna checking out her new bikini....a garage sale find from last year :)

Lydia had to work one of the nights we were there. She works at a really neat restaurant. After Brenna went down that night, Matt graciously stayed home with the kids so we could go visit her. We got dessert and drinks and listened to the live music....a guy who played the piano and sang. It was awesome. The atmosphere was great and it was so nice to have a night out on the town :)

Brenna wasn't too fond of being in the ocean, but she loved playing in the sand on the beach!

Some more fun pics on the beach....

Thanks, Matt & Lydia, for hosting us last week. We had a great time with you and are looking forward to the next time we get to come visit.


Dana and Ryan said...

Looks like such a fun trip! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend! :)

Lynette said...

How fun! I was thinking of you guys and wondering if you ever could sneak away with Jared being so glad you all got to! Looks like a great time away!

Philly said...

Loved her Bikini! How are you feeling these days? I need to come to Ames!

Janel said...

I LOVE those pictures by the ocean! So refreshing and full of life! Looks like you guys had lots of FUN!