Sunday, February 8, 2009

Trim and Doors Are On!

Some more pictures of the progress from last week. Trim and doors are on. Painter will start painting this coming week. The trim carpenter will start to hang the maple for the beams and columns. That will be fun to see. The hardwood floor is finished except the entryway where they will pull up the old and put a walnut inlay in as well. It will look similar to the dining inlay. I've been looking online and i think our style is going to be prairie. Eventually I'll finish the exterior to look like the last picture below. We're either going to paint the brick in the front and around the fireplace a darker color or hang stone veneer on it instead. More pictures to come after this week. Hopefully we'll get some painting done and more of the final trim work.

Shot of the doors we are putting in, trim up, floors done.

Shot of the dining room floor, inlay finished, same inlay to be installed in the entryway.

Shot looking through the kitchen toward the entryway and living room.

Shot of the family room with the fireplace, floors covered for painting.

Brenna in her bedroom.

Steph checking out her new closet in our bedroom.

Another house in town that we like the colors on, will do something similar to the exterior of our's, if we do the stone it will be different than this or we'll paint the brick, planning on painting the front door and the garage door a lighter brown color.


Philly said...

Very pretty! I bet you're having fun with all those plans...and letting other people help you with all the hard work!

Janel said...

Looks great! Getting so close!

Matt, Lydia, Micah and Beatrix said...

thanks so much for showing so many pictures! i really appreciate it. it is going to look gorgeous when it is finished. i can envision your vision. :) hope you have a fun weekend and have a good valentines day saturday together. love and miss you