Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year's/ Christmas Celebration with the Van Cleave's

We had a great time with Jared's family on New Year's Eve and New Year's. Brenna and her cousin Easton had fun playing with grandma and grandpa New Year's Eve, while we went on a hot date :) We went to the movie Seven Pounds...we thought it was really good....sad, but good. Then we went to Centro in downtown Des Moines for dessert. Great atmosphere! It was fun spending the last day of 2008 with my best friend! We stayed the night at Jared's parents and then celebrated Christmas on New Year's. We ate yummy food, played cards, watched football, opened gifts, etc. We had a great time and always enjoy spending time with Jared's family.

We were in our pajamas half the day, so we didn't get many good pictures...but here's a few.

Easton and Brenna were playing with Jared & Caleb's old toys. They were getting hot from the fire place, so we took off their pants and hiked up their socks. They looked pretty cute!

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