Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Our baby girl is one year old! I can't believe how fast her first year of life went. She has been such a joy and blessing to Jared & I this past year. This top picture was taken the day after she was born.

Jared made her a birthday pancake to start out her birthday. She loved it.
We had a party for her later that night with a few friends. I made cupcakes...some with chocholate frosting and some with vanilla. I gave her a chocholate one and she didn't like it. She kept trying to give it to Jared for him to eat. It was pretty cute. She didn't like that her hands were messy from the frosting either. This is about as messy as she got.

Later that night our friend Aaron gave her a lick of the vanilla frosting and she liked that a lot better! :)

My family and Jared's family came on Saturday to celebrate Brenna's birthday. We had a wonderful time with them. Brenna loved all the attention and hanging out with her cousin Easton. She really enjoyed sitting in a little lawn chair my grandma got her.

Brenna received a lot of really nice gifts from friends and family....a toy piggy bank, push toy, clothes, grocery cart, winter coat, baby doll, phone, and a few other things. Suprisingly, she enjoyed looking at the cards too. Thanks for all of you who made Brenna's first birthday so special, by coming to help us celebrate or sending cards.

This is a poster I put together of different pictures of Brenna throughout the year. Surprisingly enough, I got my creative juices running, which probably happens once a year :) It was fun to look through all her pictures and see how she'd grown and changed each month. It was hard to pick a select few though.


alan and steph said...

She is way too cute!!!! I hope to meet her sooner than later. She's precious - just like her mom! :)

Lynette said...

looks like a great celebration! happy birthday brenna! pretty soon you will have to come over for a girls playdate while you visit your grandma and grandpa:) it was fun to look through all the pics on this post!

Maranda said...

We had so much fun at the Party! Brenna you're such a big girl! Can't wait for the shopping trips when you get bigger!

Matt, Lydia, Micah and Beatrix said...

what fun pictures! i love seeing her. her bithday outfit was so cute steph! can't believe that we get to dive into pink land now too. haha! love to all 3 of you

Philly said...

Happy Birthday Brenna! Man how the time flys....just wait soon we'll be doing the same thing. I wish they wouldn't grow so fast!

Nate and Natalie said...

One already...boy does time fly. Anyway, Happy Birthday Brenna! She is one extremely adorable little girl.

J and J Masson said...

wow. 1! so in one picture (pancake) she looks like jared. but then when she's sitting on your lap, she looks like you. she's a good mix. soo cute :)

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

Happy Birthday (late) Brenna!

She is so cute! Those big eyes!