Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Special Visitors

Brenna's grandma & grandpa Bohlen came to visit last Wednesday on their way up to Minnesota. They are some of Brenna's greatest fans. They check the blog daily to see if there are any new pictures of Brenna. My mom said she watched the crawling video on the blog over 20 times :) Anyway...we had a lot of fun together. They made it in time to watch Brenna's last swimming lesson. After the lesson we ate awesome inside out burgers that Jared made. Thursday morning we went on a long walk together and then had a great play time on the floor. We had a lot of fun with my parents and can't wait until thier next visit (hint, hint).

For the cooks who are interested in the inside out burgers:
Make two thin patties. Put whatever you'd like in the middle of the patties and then pinch around the edges so the stuffing doesn't fall out . Jared put sauted mushrooms & onions, motzerella cheese, & seasonings. Then grill them like a normal burger. They are yummy!

Brenna and grandpa cuddling Thursday morning.

A picture my mom took on our walk. She takes the best flower pictures!

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Matt, Lydia and Micah said...

that is so funny because i check your blog pretty much daily too. perhaps it is because i miss you all so much. thanks for posting such fun pictures and for the fun recipe for inside out burgers. i'll have to try that! love you all and hugs and kisses to little B. love the hot harrison house :)