Thursday, June 5, 2008

Clothes Swap

Last night I participated in a Clothing Swap. It was a lot of fun! This is how it works. Everyone who participates cleans out their closets and picks 10-15 items they don't want anymore. It could be shirts, dresses, jackets, pants, purses, shoes, belts, hats, jewelery, etc. You drop them off at the hostess house a few days before the event so she can sort through and organize them by size/type/etc. When you arrive at the swap, you rummage through the clothes and try on anything you want, but then you have to put them back so other people can try them on. To make it fair, everyone draws a number and then you take turns and pick one item each round. After 4 or 5 rounds it's a free for all. I drew #3 last night, so I fared pretty well :) My first pick was a pair of dark jean trousers from Express. They are really cute, but of course I have to get them hemmed!!! I had a ton of fun since it included some of my favorite things.....people, clothes, food, and good deals. :)


Lanzens Life said...

Great idea! I love that!

J and J Masson said...

hey steph! oh i miss those clothes swaps! one of my favorite pair of jeans i wear here i got at the clothes swap. skinny jeans are in big here in europe, but i can't really get into the look. luckily a pair of jeans i got at the clothes swap is skinny-esque so i can pull it off in my own version of the skinny jeans. :) i found your blog from jen's. hope you don't mind!

alan & steph flies said...

steph - what a great idea! I was just telling a bunch of my girlfriends about this idea last night. I can't wait to host a clothes swap soon!!! :)