Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A little bit about me.

My friend Nealy tagged me for this. She is a great friend from college and has a great blog. This is actually my first post...thanks Nealy for getting me out of my comfort zone. :) I actually wrote out the answers on Sunday afternoon, but am just getting time to post it.

I am…a mommy of a 7 month old.
I want…to go to the Caribbean sometime.
I wish…I could blog as well as my friends Nealy & Steph :)
I hate…to be late.
I miss…free time. I feel rushed lately.
I fear…mice.
I feel…tired. I just got back yesterday from my brothers wedding. Tons of fun, but exhausting.
I hear…nothing. I'm the only one not napping at my house.
I smell…the after effects of a yummy lunch my wonderful husband made us!
I crave…chocolate M&M's.
I search…for good deals, especially at garage sales & thrift stores.
I wonder…what life would be like if my first pregnancy wouldn't have ended.
I regret…not going on a nice vacation before we had a baby.
I love…my babe, Jared.
I ache…after I hold Brenna too long. I'm definitely out of shape!
I care…for my beautiful baby girl Brenna.
I always…am ready for ice cream.
I am not…creative.
I believe…that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
I dance…the Swing w/ my awesome partner Jared.
I sing..."You Are My Sunshine" to Brenna every night before bed.
I cry…on Monday mornings...well, not every Monday morning.
I don’t always...remember to put the laundry in the dryer.
I fight…hardly ever.
I write…in a prayer journal.
I never…enjoy cleaning the bath tub.
I listen…to the radio.
I need…lots of sleep.
I am happy…with my life right now. God is so good.

Now I'm tagging Hollie C. & Kristy S.


Lanzens Life said...

Thanks for sharing that, Steph! It was fun to read more about you.

Have a great day today!

Matt, Lydia and Micah said...

thank you so much for sharing that stephanie. it really helped to see a part of you. it brought tears to my eyes.... way too hard on yourself! keep writing and posting them, i loved it. can't wait to see you!