Saturday, April 12, 2008

Table Manners 101

Brenna usually doesn't join us for meals except while in her exersaucer or bouncy seat on the floor next to the table. A lot of times she gets fussy and seems to demonstrate that she's feeling left out. During one of our evening meals last week, we decided to put her up on the table with us...we think she is an extravert. We could tell she enjoyed that place of honor much better. There was some tin foil on one of the plates to keep some food warm and she couldn't keep her eyes off of it. Pretty soon she was bending way over to grab at the foil, and before we knew it she was nearly up-side-down. I told Steph to run and grab the camera. It was so funny. We'll have to help Brenna with a few of her table manners so she doesn't do this on her future dates.


Kruger Family said...

That is so funny! She is getting so big!

Lanzens Life said...

Brenna is such a cutie-- she looks so much like Jared!