Thursday, December 20, 2007

Back to the cold of Iowa

Hello everyone. Steph, Brenna, and I had a great time in Florida with my sister and her family. The flights down and back went really well...Brenna was a rockstar and slept most of the time...she was a hit with the other passengers. We spent a little time at the beach. The weather was a nice change despite Monday being one of the colder days the area has had so far...65 degrees. It got down to the upper 40's at night. It was fun seeing where Matt, Lydia and Micah live. Matt does an awesome job teaching and you can tell he is passionate about it. Lydia and Matt had a Christmas party to attend on Monday night for her work. Steph and I got to watch Micah for the evening. We played hide and seek, had a pillow fight, I gave him a bath, read him a book, then watched him basically put himself to bed...Lydia has a routine down for bedtime that Micah follows to the T. We had a blast in Florida, but wish it was for a longer period of time and warm enough to swim and snorkle...maybe next time. Check out the new pics at dropshots...remember the password is 7771. You can see some of Brenna's holiday photoshoot too courtesy of Aunt Lydia's skills...enjoy!

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